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Wildwood is a trading brand of KTT of Indonesia, one of the largest exporters of hardwood flooring and  decking; into the USA.

Wildwood flooring and decking is classed at the higher end of the market. We specialise in solid hard-wood  flooring, using reclaimed Teak or high grade Ulin, shipped direct from the original source; Indonesia.

All of the raw Teak material has already served a useful former life within timber constructed housing and public buildings; predominately from the island of Java. There are many reasons why this type of Teak is superior and more desirable than new growth Teak.

This type of heritage Teak comes from trees grown by the Dutch, who occupied Indonesia many years ago. The  term “Dutch Growth Teak” is synonymous with quality in that it has seasoned over 100+ years; while sited within old Dutch constructed buildings.

The other more obvious reason is that due to the growth period and the long-term previous use, this type of Teak is carbon neutral and highly prized ecologically.

All of our extremely durable Ulin wood has equally served a long and useful life all over Indonesia. Much like Teak, Ulin is a fine construction material, prized for it’s density and incredible strength. This is borne out by the fact that Ulin is the number one timber used in the construction of bridges/ Jetty’s and many other marine applications.

In the jungles of Borneo, where Ulin is a native timber, many roads and boardwalks are actually constructed solely using Ulin. This timber is completely immune to rot, termites and any water borne infestation. All of our Ulin has served a useful life in this marine environment for the past 60-80 years; so once again can be considered carbon neutral and highly ecological.

For a more comprehensive description of the origin and versatility of these 2 highly prized hardwoods go to the Reclaimed Wood section of the general KTT site.

Teak/Ulin Decking G&G Flooring

All of our decking and flooring are comprised of long lengths and a uniform width throughout the range. There are no random widths or short lengths, only minimum lengths. This is a very important fact when price comparing or price estimating a project.

Most if not all suppliers of solid wood flooring, use randomised widths and lengths, in addition to raw wood states; such as large split ends and sides. This is a very important consideration to factor into an accurate costing.

This type of timber is subject to a large on-site cut waste penalty of 40-50%. This essentially means if you buy at an advertised price of for instance $12 Ft2 and are subject to 50% cut waste, then the true price becomes $18 Ft squared. This of course does not factor in the additional labour costs for essentially bringing the timber to a useable state.

With wildwood flooring and decking this does not become a factor, as apart from using standardised widths and long minimal lengths, all of the unusable waste has already been eliminated in pre-finished production.

In addition, all of our solid wood flooring is either 0.787” thick [Ulin], or Teak 1” as standard.

Reclaimed Teak engineered flooring

In addition to our solid wood flooring and decking, Wildwood also offer the highest specification engineered flooring available in the USA.

Traditionally engineered flooring comprises of a substrate [Plywood/ MDF] with a thin veneer of solid wood laminated [hot-glued] on top.

The standard veneer thickness available is between 0.078” and 0.118”. While the overall appearance is of a solid wood finish, there are obvious draw-backs should the floor ever need sanding during future renovation.

Wild Wood engineered flooring is in a class of it’s own. The substrate is comprised of the highest quality marine ply-wood 0.354” thick, with an industry leading 0.393” solid reclaimed Teak layer. The solid content of this product cannot truly be described as a veneer as it is 5x thicker than the average veneered board.

As can be imagined, this superior grade of thickness will allow several sanding renovations over a life-time, should this be required, making this high-end product extremely cost effective, over time.

Once again Wild Wood has standardised the boards as 8 Ft x 1 Ft x .75”. Despite the use of reclaimed Teak and the obvious differences in grain and colour, wildwood engineered flooring is processed to enable uniformity of colour appearance.

Wildwood engineered flooring is sold as a pack of 4- 8 ft boards, to a total of 32 ft squared.

The use of engineered flooring, as opposed to a full solid wood product, can help reduce the weight of the overall product, should this be an engineering issue. This has obvious advantages in a multi-story environment. All this, without compromising on the quality of the product.

Wildwood Flooring systems

Wildwood utilises the system of G&G [Groove and Groove], rather than the traditional T&G [Tongue and Groove].

There are 2 main reasons for this use, the first being value for money as there is less wasted material when using a double groove system [with centre fillet]. The 2nd reason being the fact that the G&G creates a superior join and the boards are easier to integrate into a pre-fixed floor.

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