Reclaimed Ulin

Ulin is a very unique wood and due to it’s unknown qualities outside of Indonesia, we highly advise reading this brief study over-view.

Ulin is to be found growing exclusively in Indonesia, mainly on the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra. All of the reclaimed Ulin sourced and supplied by KTT comes from the Indonesian part of Borneo [The island is shared with Malaysia] in the region of Kilimantan.

Ulin is part of a family of around 46 species which due to their durability, strength and iron content are classed as ironwood. While there are this large number within this group, there should be no doubt that Ulin stands out as the Rolls Royce – Cadillac within this group and should in no way be confused with the Ironwood available within the USA; used for truck sidings.

Ulin is one of the worlds slowest growing hard-woods with an annual growth of 0.5mm/0.019 inches growth. Ulin grows along rivers containing high iron content which gives it it’s yellow/reddish tone. When exposed to the elements Ulin attains an extremely dark brown almost black appearance.

A mature tree will attain 100+ feet [30 metres] and can reach the age of 800-1000 years.

In Indonesia and especially Borneo, Ulin has been the traditional building material for both housing as well as a major infrastructure material. The strength of Ulin is such that all the vast number of bridges and jetty’s  [including pilling’s; due to the excellent resistance to bacterial, fungal, insect and marine borer attack]are constructed from this unique timber. Even the broad-walks used as foot traffic and scooter road ways are constructed from 1 inch thick boards; cars and trucks are driven on 2’ inch roadways constructed with Ulin.

The Ulin sourced by KTT has served a long and useful life of 60-100 years of use within these communities and due to it’s density and strength and resistance to resistance rot, decay, termites and weathering; will serve our clients for many more generations to come.

KTT export reclaimed Ulin around the world for use in construction, flooring and outside decking. Other uses are in the construction of boat hulls, heavy construction, marine work, piling, printing blocks and specialty furniture.

Ulin is an extremely versatile wood and the specialist finishers at KTT have perfected many finishes as can be seen by clicking here ranging from high polished, to natural tiger stripe and up to super eroded.

As an outside decking board, KTT believe Ulin to be the highest end of the market. Once laid, this product will stay in-tact over the generations. We would recommend the bye-annual treatment with our signature Lanolin product Lilin Domba or any natural recognised wood preservative. This will leave your deck with it’s natural black lustre.

Due to it’s one-time laying and rarity of product, Ulin should also be considered at the highest end of the quality scale and is also priced accordingly

Density: 0.85–1.1 g/cm³

Durability: Class 1

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