Reclaimed Teak

For the last 200 years, Indonesia has been synonymous with the production of Teak. It was not always the case as Teak was not indigenous to Indonesia.

The teak plantations were established by the Dutch in the early 19th Century, with saplings imported from Thailand.

Teak was prized as a source of high quality timber for both construction of shipping and as a structural building material.

Teak tree growth is fairly fast for a hardwood and a full grown tree will be established within 25-30 years. The reclaimed Teak used by KTT can be counted amongst some of the earliest wood planted by the Dutch, as it has all served a former useful life for 100+ Years in old Dutch housing and Public building’ on the main Indonesian Island of Java.

Teak is an extremely dense-grained wood and highly resistant to insect infestation, rotting, warping, shrinkage or swelling. Its high natural oil content acts as a natural preservative to the wood so it can be left outdoors for decades. Even though Teak is renowned as a tough durable hardwood, it is extremely easy to work with.

The durability of Teak as both an internal construction timber, or as an outdoor furnishing or decking timber can be born out by visiting any large park in the UK. There are a huge number of Teak constructed benches and out buildings throughout the UK which are still intact after a 100 Years; this is even more impressive, given they were manufactured from reclaimed ships decking boards in the first place.

Teak can also be left to the elements without any further wood treatment. The result is Teak turns a silver grey over roughly a year and many people find this an attractive look. At KTT we can even supply teak decking already pre-weathered if requested by a client click here to view process.

Teak can also benefit from being treated with a natural oil or sealing product, should a client want to take advantage of Teaks golden brown natural colour and can also be finished in several ways click here  to view wood sample finishes.

KTT finish Teak using the worlds most natural wood preservative [Lanolin] derived from the wax of sheep’s wool.The finished product while being slightly darker for a short period of time, fully enhances the beautiful grain inherent in quality heritage Teak. For more information on KTT exclusive product [Lilin Domba], please click here.

KTT specialise in the manufacture of solid Teak flooring and decking, using antique reclaimed wood. This type of decking/flooring is considered at the highest end of the market and due to it’s rarity is also priced at the highest end of the market; depending on thickness, width and length of the boards.

This type of decking should not be compared in quality or price to either new growth Teak or Teak engineered boards [Thin veneer of Teak glued to a sub-board].

Density : 0.44–0.63–0.82 g/cm³

Durability : Class 2

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